OVW Beginner's Class Application

Please complete the information below. If you're unsure of the application process or need some more information about the class, read more about the OVW Beginner's Class.

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The Application Fee is a mandatory charge. If it is not paid, your application will not be processed. The Application Fee (along with any other fees) are non-refundable.

We accept payments only through PayPal. PayPal accepts credit card and electronic banking transactions and doesn't require you to register an account.

Amount due: USD $10

Remaining Balance: USD $1000

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions.

  • Please note that Ohio Valley Wrestling can not provide room or board for any students.
  • Living, working, and transportation arrangements are the sole responsibility of the student.
  • No financial aid, sponsorships, and/or scholarships are available. No EXCEPTIONS!
  • Any fees paid to OVW are non-refundable. No EXCEPTIONS!
  • All fees must be paid prior to admission to the program.
  • OVW is not an accredited university.

As with any career in professional sports, nothing is guaranteed. Great sacrifice will be necessary if you are to achieve your dreams. Make sure that you, the student, conduct any necessary research you believe to be necessary in order for you to achieve success both professionally and personally during your time with Ohio Valley Wrestling.